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61Theoretical Child Support OrdeTheoretical child support order means a hypothetical child support order for qualified children calculated as set forth in subparagraph (f)(5)(C) of this Code section which allows the court to determine the amount of child support as if a child support order existed.
62Title II Social Security BenefOld age, survivors and disability benefits for a child who is either unmarried and has not attained the age of 18, is still in secondary school and under 19 years of age, or is under a disability which began before he attained the age of 22 years of age. The child must also be a dependent of the insured individual.
63Uninsured Health Care ExpensesUninsured health care expenses means a child's uninsured medical expenses including, but not limited to, health insurance copayments, deductibles, and such other costs as are reasonably necessary for orthodontia, dental treatment, asthma treatments, physical therapy, vision care, and any acute or chronic medical or health problem or mental health illness, including counseling and other medical or mental health expenses, that are not covered by insurance. For further reference see paragraph (3) of subsection (h) of this Code section.
64Visitation Related Travel ExpeVisitation Related Travel Expenses means travel expenses related to Court ordered visitation that are substantial in cost due to the distance between the Parents. The Court may order the allocation of such costs as a Deviation, taking into consideration the circumstances of the respective Parents as well as which Parent moved and the reason for such move.
65Work Related Child CostsWork related child care costs means expenses for the care of the child for whom support is being determined which are due to employment of either parent. In an appropriate case, the court may consider the child care costs associated with a parent's job search or the training or education of a parent necessary to obtain a job or enhance earning potential, not to exceed a reasonable time as determined by the court, if the parent proves by a preponderance of the evidence that the job search, job training, or education will benefit the child being supported. The term shall be projected for the next consecutive 12 months and averaged to obtain a monthly amount. For further reference see paragraph (1) of subsection (h) of this Code section.
66WorksheetWorksheet or Child Support Worksheet means the document used to record information necessary to determine and calculate monthly child support. For further reference see subsection (m) of O.C.G.A. ?_ 19-6-15.